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Bohannon Development Corporation Management Team

Thomas T. Bohannon

President and Chief Executive Officer

Earned his Bachelor of Science Degree from Lincoln Memorial University. Following graduation he joined Eastman Kodak where he completed their management training program and worked two years in their business department. Mr. Bohannon began his real estate development career with EPOCH Properties where he completed an intensive training program covering all aspects of development, construction, and property management. He served in several capacities at EPOCH, a developer of multi-family projects in the Southern United States, including project manager, corporate vice president and partner. In 1980 he founded Bohannon Development Corporation.

Dan B. Dawes

Executive Vice President

Has a background in real estate and commercial finance. Prior to joining Bohannon Development Corporation in 1999, he was Senior Vice President at JPMorgan Chase Bank - El Paso and managed its Real Estate Banking Group. Responsibilities include handling development and financing activities, as well as overseeing the other facets of the company's business operations. Mr. Dawes holds a Bachelor of Business Administration from New Mexico State University and a Master of Business Administration from the University of Texas at El Paso.

Samuel K. Creighton

Senior Vice President

Received a Bachelor of Arts Degree from Fort Lewis College and a Master of Science in Accounting Degree from Texas Tech University. Mr. Creighton is a Certified Public Accountant and Certified Apartment Property Supervisor. Mr. Creighton was a Senior Tax Manager with the international accounting firm of KPMG before joining Bohannon Development Corporation in 1991. Mr. Creighton participates in development, financing, and property management activities of the company, in addition to overseeing corporate financial matters.

Eric Zuloaga

Vice President

Mr. Zuloaga is a third generation builder. After graduation from Texas State Technical Institute with an Associate of Applied Science Building Construction Technology Degree, he started his career in the home building business. Mr. Zuloaga then moved into commercial construction and land development. Mr. Zuloaga was a certified Butler Builder and oversaw the construction of shopping centers, office buildings, churches, warehouses and several large single family and manufactured housing developments. Mr. Zuloaga began his career with Bohannon Development Corporation as an estimator in 1987, and worked his way up to assistant superintendent, superintendent, project manager and Vice President. Mr. Zuloaga oversees all of Bohannon Development Corporation's new construction.

Kristin M. Sizemore

Vice President

Has over 30 years in Property Management holding positions both on-site and at a corporate level. Ms. Sizemore is a progressive leader who demonstrates the creativity and savvy that is critical to financial and operational success. Her experience in the apartment industry spans over several markets to include Texas, New Mexico, California, Colorado and Oklahoma. Ms. Sizemore has served in various positions and committees with the El Paso Apartment Association, Texas Apartment Association and National Apartment Association. She is a graduate of the 2017 NAA Leadership Lyceum. Ms. Sizemore holds the Certified Apartment Manager, Certified Apartment Property Supervisor, Certified Apartment Maintenance Technician and Certified Apartment Supplier designations recognized by the National Apartment Association. Ms. Sizemore is the recipient of the 2014 Texas Apartment Association Rita Kirby Regional Manager of the Year award and the 2014 National Apartment Association Paragon Award for Designate of the Year.